Sediment management operations end on Saturday 29th May at 4:00 pm. A risk of siltation is still possible following the end of these operations. The rides will not be possible on Sunday 30th May. We thank you for your understanding and hope we can continue the rides on the Rhône as of Saturday 5th June.

Please read the information sheet for the ride you will have chosen as well as the general terms and conditions (GTC) before ordering.

Reservations are subject to constraints related to Covid as well as our reservation software and thus are likely to be modified so they do not exceed the limits. Thank you for your understanding.

General terms and conditions (GTC)

Information sheet – Classic boat ride

Information sheet – Appetizer ride

Information sheet – Sunset ride

Information sheet – Heritage ride

Information sheet – Animated cruise with lock passage

Information sheet – From the vineyards to the Rhône ride

Information sheet – Boat and bike day

Information sheet – A river’s strength

Information sheet – Musical boat ride

Information sheet – Nature boat ride

Haut-Rhône Tourisme engages itself to respect the sanitary rules recommended by the government during this Covid-19 period (respect of distance of 1 meter between each passenger – cleaning / disinfection after each ride)

You can find all of the practical information regarding these rides in a sapine :

  • On the leaflet in the brochure section or by downloading it (available soon)
  • On the website and on the Facebook page of Haut-Rhône Tourisme.

For all information requests, do not hesitate to contact us at or by mail