The Seyssel boat

A new wooden boat is moored at the passengers dock of Seyssel Haute-Savoie, at the Gallatin Port, located near the tourist office Haut-Rhône Tourisme. It is a sapine with flat bottom with 12 seats, whose technic characteristics are very similar to the old « Seysselandes » that were built in Seyssel at the time of inland shipping. For the story, Seysselande had its name from its manufacturing place, Seyssel and its region. The Seysseylandes measured about 25m length for a  4.50m width and 1.80m high. For this new passengers boat, it is this way that the Seyssel name quickly came.

If you wish to know more about inland shipping in the Seyssel area, we invite you to discover the permanent exhibition of the House of Haut-Rhône offered by the Heritage of the Seyssel area.

Relive the history of navigation in Seyssel, valorize the heritage and the natural wealth of the Rhône, these are the goals of this new passengers boat.

Built in 2015 by an Austrian naval architect, unique manufacturer of this type of this larch wood boat (wood of the Austrian forest), The Seyssel measures 13m long for 3.50m width. Before, the one of the Canotiers Rhône – Saône Company, it first navigated in the South of Lyon in Tournon sur Rhône and Valence.

The Seyssel has a hull and superstructure in larch wood. It works with petrol and has 4 solar panels that power two gel batteries through an inverter/transformer. A closed toilet area is at your disposal aboard the boat.

In terms of security, the boat is equipped of passenger lifejackets, crew jackets, an achor, two oars, six defences, two extinctors, an emergency kit, a lifeline from every side of the boat, a bathing ladder, as well as waterproof light sticks.

Along with the crew members, the Seyssel can welcome 12 passengers, in the inside or the outside. In case of bad weather, you can take shelter in the inside. The boat can as well carry bikes on the forward platform.