Two communes, a name, a boat…

From a common will, the municipalities of Seyssel (Ain and Haute-Savoie) decided to acquire in 2019 a sapine, similar to the old Seysselandes, traditional boats with flat bottom that were formerly built in Seyssel and used for the goods transport on the Rhône.

The so long awaited arrival of this boat named “The Seyssel” on our territory is the result of a long project carried out over several years by both of the Seyssel communes. This one could be realized thanks to the financial support of the LEADER Usses et Bornes program (European aids) and the Haute-Savoie department. The development of river tourism results in the realization of numerous projects over the past ten years: the creation of pontoons, regular improvements to leisure facilities, the rehabilitation of accommodation, the creation of local discovery trails, the Festi’Rhône event that welcomes near 4000 people each year as well as the Jean du Rhône book, an illustrated book on the heritage.

This sapine expands the touristic offer of the Haut-Rhône and thus meets the demand of visitors wishing to discover this part of the river.